5 Reasons Making Stuff With Your Hands is Awesome

Uncategorized Feb 26, 2017

“Do it yourself” was a term that my Dad used all of the time. He is one of those guys that can fix or build just about anything. He picked up the phrase, now just DIY, in the 50's doing carpentry. My Dad, and the guys and gals out there like him, are what we call 'makers' today. 

I followed in my father's footsteps when I fell in love with metal fabrication in college. Fast forward to today, and I get to show my passion to our students at Arc Academy. If you've never built anything before...I"ve got five reasons you should. 

I believe this goes for all of our students, instructors, and all other Makers around the world. Every time a student at Arc Academy and has completed a project you can see in their face they are thinking “I MADE that!” It's a great feeling to set goals for yourself, learned to create in a new medium, follow through, and create something from your own mind. Now there it is...It’s done. It exists now. Staring you in the face...and it's all yours.

With that sense of accomplishment also comes a huge sense of pride. Completing something of significance to you is a great feeling. When you complete that first project, it gives you confidence to accomplish more!

Creating something like a coffee table or a trailer for your truck is like putting together a puzzle with no pieces yet. BUT, not only do you have to put that puzzle together, but you also need to craft the puzzle pieces! This requires critical thinking, which enhances your mental acuity by keeping the mind sharp. If you're working on larger projects with heavier materials, you also get a pretty decent workout!

Working with your hands can be incredibly relaxing. When you are engaged in critical thinking your mind sharpens, but at the same time, it’s allowed to slow down and focus. This concentration on the singular task at hand relaxes the mind and body. Creating an almost meditational state.

Although, sometimes projects don’t go the way you planned...which gives you more opportunities to problem solve!

Everybody loves to get a great deal. What’s better than experiencing all of the great reasons above and have it cost less? You can always buy something in a store. Or hire someone to fix what’s broken. But if you could design it yourself? Build it yourself? Fix it yourself? AND save your money? Now that’s AWESOME.



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